Migration in Mexico: A Short Documentary Series with AJ+

Through 2 years I documented the southern and northern border of Mexico interviewing central american immigrants, most of them heading to the United States.

México: A Destination for Immigrants

Hundreds of Central American families are deciding to stay in Mexico due to the difficult scenario at the northern border.


International Immigrants in Tapachula

How has immigration shaped the southern mexican border with Guatemala city, Tapachula?


African Immigrants Trapped in Mexico

Why have african immigrants manifesting on the streets of the city Tapachula, southern border with Guatemala?

Immigrants: A vulnerable community in the pandemic of 2020

The government of Donald Trump announced a suspension of the immigration policy from Mexico to the United States. The refugees headed there are trapped in Mexico in the middle of a global pandemic.

Immigrants in Mexico are Suffering the Militarization of the Country

It’s a scary time to be an immigrant in Mexico: after the country’s militarization under the president Obrador, police and soldiers are being brutal with this community.


Maxene Andre: The Dead Haitian in Mexico

Maxene Andre, an immigrant headed to the United States, was found dead in prison. Who’s fault was this? We interviewed him in the streets weeks before the tragedy.