Héroes Ocultos

Héroes Ocultos

 The non governmental organization Heroes Ocultos is based in Monterrey and exists since 2011. It provides help to young athletes from Mexico focusing on education and training. Each year, more and more athletes are becoming part of this great initiative.

Casanicolas: Immigrant Shelter


Casanicolas is a shelter for central american immigrants who are crossing Mexico. Usually in the way to the United States. Many of these immigrants have been separated from their families or forced to leave home. 

 Alternativas Pacíficas


Alternativas Pacificas (Pacific Alternatives) is a shelter for women and children who suffered domestic violence.

Via Educación

Via Educacion is an organization dedicated to improve the education system in poor communities in Nuevo Leon. It works together with schools and parents to get the whole community involved in the education of their children. This video was made for their 10th anniversary.